Frequently Asked Questions

What are the toppers made from?

  • All toppers and flowers are made from an air drying medium, which is non-toxic and non-edible.  It dries to form a cloth like finish, which is more durable and long lasting than sugar made flowers and figures, and more detailed and delicate than polymer made models.  Because the air drying medium is very lightweight, this means that the toppers are also extreemly light to handle, with most of the weight coming from the base of the topper.  The toppers are on the whole unvarnished so remain a dull finish, although in some cases, where a leaf is naturally shiny, or an item of clothing needs to be shiny, then a glaze is added to these elements.

How are the toppers made?

  • All toppers are handmade, which means that no two toppers are the same.  Some toppers will be built around white Styrofoam, and embellishments such as diamantes, pearls, net for viels, stamens for flowers and wires may be added.  All toppers are placed on acrylic discs, and individual flowers or sprays will be made to sit on the cake or into a posy pick (which will be supplied).

What information do you need?

  • As much information as you can give us.  Photographs are always helpful!  For all toppers basic information is required i.e. skin, eye and hair colours.
  • Wedding Toppers - For wedding toppers other basic information is also required, such as a description of the clothing, hairstyles and flowers.  But if you want a more accurate interpretation  detailed descriptions and if possible photographs are needed, information such as:- the make and design of the wedding dress, so we can possibly find it on the internet, the names and colours of any flowers you are having so we can more accurately match the colour and shape, the style and colour of the grooms suit, detailed descriptions of hairstyles, is the hair long or short, will it be up or down or a bit of both, are you wearing a tiara, flowers and/or a veil, will you be wearing jewellery.  We also require instruction on how you would like the figures positioned  and what they will be standing on.  Any additional information i.e. figures, pets, props etc also needs to be included.
  • Other Toppers - The information required for other toppers is dependant on the topper you are wanting.  This could be the sporting props required for a birthday topper or the sex of a baby and the colourscheme for a christening topper.
  • Please remember we can only make the topper from the information you give us, so the more detailed that information is, the more accurate your topper will be. 
  • We will email or post you a form to fill in which will allow you to detail the required information.

How do I look after my topper?

  • Keep the topper in a dust free enviroment, display cases are available through us.
  • Do not wash, or allow the topper to get wet as this will effect the finish.
  • Toppers should be handled with care, as some parts are delicate. 
  • Keep the toppers out of direct sunlight.

Do you supply the cake?

  • No we do not supply or source cakes.  The toppers are designed to sit on any flat surfaced cake.

When will I get my topper?

  • Toppers will be delivered approximately 2 weeks before your special occassion by Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day Guarantee, we will be in touch close to this time to arrange a specific day.  If you have requested an earlier delivery date, your topper will be delivered for around that date, again we will be in touch to arrange a specific date.